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Bernina 325 - All Features & Review Video

Bernina 325 - All Features & Review Video


All Features & Review Video


Holly is making her first vocal appearance on the channel today! She's here to show you all of the great features and hopefully teach you some tips on the Bernina 325!

The Bernina 325 is a super ideal for students and classes, as it comes with a great lightweight and easy to attach extension table as well as being more than capable of sewing all types of materials! 

It has a foot control OR stop-start button, meaning there is less to carry if you're going in for a class (however, the foot control has an integrated cable spool, so even if you decide to take it, the cable will be nice and neatly contained within the foot peddle its self!)

The 325 uses snap on feet, which are always a favorite for those who don't want to have to be messing around with unscrewing things of tightening feet on every time they need to swap them over, it's simple with the 325, press a button and the foot comes off.. Place the new one under and snap the new one on!


(The hand accessory case included with the B325)


This is just a taste of features that the B325 has to offer...

To know more you'll have to see Holly and check out the video! 



If you're interested in purchasing your own 325 click the image below!

The B325 Is part of our Black Friday offers, coming with a free walking foot! Check it (and other deals) out below!


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