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Bernina 475 Quilters Edition - every foot explained!

Bernina 475 Quilters Edition - every foot explained!

475 Quilters Edition

Every foot explained!


 It can be quite confusing when you're first getting your hands on a machine that features a lot of feet and it may leave you scratching you head as to what the purpose of each actually is! Never fear as in this article we're going to break down each one and let you know a brief overview and possible use case for each foot, to hopefully give you a head start when it comes to your new machine!


Reverse Pattern Foot #1



This foot ensures you get an excellent fabric feed. With its cut-outs in front and back of the needle opening, Reverse Pattern Foot #1 is ideally suited to sewing forward and reverse-feed stitches. This presser foot makes quick work of assorted utility and decorative stitches, as well as the sewing of waistbands and hems on heavy fabrics such as corduroy, denim or wool. Reverse Pattern Foot #1 features a side slot through which the upper thread can be conveniently pulled under the foot and to the back.

This can be used on any Bernina 5.5mm & 9mm machines.



Please see above link for an online tutorial


Overlock Foot #2


Overlock Foot #2 is ideal for producing serged seams and hems. It is especially well suited for neatening simple seams.

The Overlock foot suits perfectly to sew overlock seams and to finish edges in elastic material. The fabric edges don't curl and the result is a flat elastic seam. The stitches are formed over the pin on the inside edge of the foot, giving them an additional amount of thread. This prevents the fabric from bunching up and produces a flat, elastic seam. The Overlock foot can also be used to sew high quality hems, waistbands and overlock seams on knit fabrics.



Please see above link for an online tutorial on how to sew seam using this overlocker foot.



Automatic Buttonhole Foot with Slide #3A

The automatic buttonhole foot with slide #3A is used to sew buttonholes with or without cord. The sensor can measure the buttonholes automatically on the base of the size of the desired button. Therefore, any number of buttonholes can be sewn at exactly the same length. In combination with the compensation plate or the height compensating tool as well as the buttonhole cutter and the Button sew-on foot, perfect buttonholes can be worked out in a simple way. With Buttonhole Foot, a sensor on the presser foot determines the buttonhole length and relays the dimensions to the sewing machine. This allows perfectly identical buttonholes to be sewn again, until the size is changed. Buttonhole Foot with Slide #3A is therefore ideal for sewing button plackets on garments and home furnishings.



Please see above link for an online tutorial



Zipper Foot #4

Zipper Foot #4 makes quick work of inserting zippers neatly and precisely. Its narrow, centrally placed toe allows Zipper Foot #4 to get very close to the zipper coils, enabling it to attach the fabric securely. The result is a perfectly inserted zipper with a consistent stitch pattern.

Thanks to its narrow shape, Zipper Foot #4 is also suited to sewing on piping and snap tape, as well as edge stitching. With the Zipper foot you will succeed in sewing in zippers in no time – in a proper and precise way. The narrow sole is positioned close along the zipper coils to sew the zipper adjacent to the edge. This foot allows you to get super close to the edge!
Fits 5.5 mm and 9 mm Bernina machines



Please see above link for an online tutorial


Blindstitch Foot #5

Blindstitch Foot #5 is the invisible-hemming expert. When you sew a blind-hem with this foot, the stitching can scarcely be seen from the front. With Blindstitch Foot #5 the stitch is formed over a special blade that acts as a guide, creating a slightly loose stitch so that the hem lies nice and flat. When the fabric is pressed flat, the needle-penetration points on the front of the fabric “close up”, making the seam virtually invisible. What’s more, the guide blade ensures an even distance to the folded edge, allowing the hem to be sewn neatly and consistently.
Fits 5.5 mm and 9 mm Bernina machines



Please see above link for an online tutorial


Patchwork Foot #37


Because it’s designed for straight-stitching, Patchwork Foot #37 is ideal for sewing 1/4” or 1/8” (approx. 3 or 6 mm) seam allowances. In addition, Patchwork Foot #37 features three evenly spaced markings (1/4” apart) on its side that make  the square insertion of pieces in patchworking easier. A narrow groove under the flat sole serves as a thread channel for smoother piecing.

TIP: A large sewing table or cabinet makes quilt piecing easier and promotes greater precision as it supports your patchwork better. Enjoy the ease of sewing afforded by Patchwork Foot #37 – your partner when it comes to patchwork and precision stitching techniques.



Please see above link for an online tutorial



In addition to all the fantastic selection of sewing feet the 475QE comes with the Extension table, Knee lift and the Famous Bernina wardrobe (accessory box) 


Extension table


Makes it easier to work on complex projects

Reduces material slippage

For 3 series and aurora machines



Knee Lift


Simultaneous lifting of the presser foot

And lowering of the feed dog

Convenient operation with the knee

Hands remain free to work

Bernina accessory box

The famous wardrobe which holds all your feet and accessories keeping everything neat and tidy.


The practical BERNINA Accessories Box stores your Presser Feet, Bobbins, Needles and tools neatly so they are always visible and easily accessible. The Accessories Box can be kept on the sewing table. This Accessories Box is delivered without contents.

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