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Bernina - L800 Series

L850 / L860 & L890


Today we had our training and hands on session with the brand new L800 series of overlocker & coverstitch machines! Taking the machines out of the box for the first time and placing them down on the workspace in front of you, you can tell just by the look and the feel of them that these were going to be something completely different to the overlockers that we were used to... They have a sleek and 'sewing machine' like design that would fit into any home workshop, both understated and at the same time modern and professional. They are quest hefty, which one is inclined to believe indicates quality, there is no way that these will be sliding around on your surface whilst trying to get on with your work.

This swiss machine has all the bells and whistles that you would come to expect of a top of the range overlocker and coverstitch, much like the Pfaff Admire Air 7000; However unlike the Air 7000, it feels as if there is a lot more focus on ergonomics and streamlined features. Let me give you an example; The air threading is controlled with your foot control rather than an independent button, the swing out foot, the built in upper looper converter, and (my favorite) the outside knife adjustment which lets your raise and lower the knife with a handy leaver on the side of the machine (without having to remove or move anything!).

There is a machine in this range for everyone!


If you're just wanting an overlocker machine without all the bells and whistles of a touchscreen and automatic tension then you're going to want the L850, it doesn't have coverstitch capabilities or a touchscreen but boats many of the same features and more importantly that superior Swiss design and feel. If you're more of a tactile person, you'll appreciate the physical dials to adjust your tension (which it has to be said is something that will never be as satisfying with a touchscreen display).

(The L850 is available now HERE, whilst stock last)


Want the touchscreen, customizable stitch profiles and automatic tension but you're not fussed about the coverstitch functionality? Then you'll want the L860, it's very similar to the 850, however you'll get the frankly amazing touch screen implementation as well as the quality of life afforded by not having to input your tension settings every time you change stitch type!

(Will be available from March 2022, view it HERE)


Finally, for the person who wants to make no compromises and have the be all and end all overlocker/coverstitch and combi' machine.. It has to be the L890! All of the amazing touchscreen functionality at your fingertips with the addition of being able to do your coverstitching too, without having to switch machines! 

(The L890 is available now HERE, whilst stock last)

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