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Bernina L850 Overlocker - Review Video New Series

Bernina L850 Overlocker - Review Video New Series

L850 Review video


With the new L800 series launch we decided to start from the very beginning today with the Bernina L850 to see first hand with Rachel what you get for your money!

Today we went from box to fully threaded to show you first hand what you can expect when your machine arrives. Our expert will give you a breakdown of all the amazing features and accessories that are included in the Bernina L850 retail package!


It goes without saying that a Bernina is a top of the line machine, but this time they really have pushed the boat out on some of these one of a kind and field leading features.


The Bernina One-Step Air Threader

We've seen a fair few air threaders popping up over the past few years, and we've been hands on with almost all of them; Without a doubt this Bernina air threader is in a league of its own. The suck strength is so strong that it doesn't even require you to insert the thread into the tubes, you can simply hover the thread above the hole and press down on the foot pedal (also a great addition)... The machine will simply suck the thread from above the hole and straight through the air threading tubes! (You can see this in action in our video, with slow motion too!) 


Quality Of Life Improvements

The machine is packed with huge quality of life improvements that any experienced sewer would recognise immediately, just small changes that make a huge difference!

A swing out presser foot.

Raise and lower the cutter with an easy to access leaver on the side.

Automatic needle threader built-in.

Built in upper looper converter.

Automatic needle top up function.

Free hand system with knee lift!

And not to mention a free arm AND included extension table!


If you're interested in getting your hand on your own L850 machine, we have them for sale here on our website! Just click the image below!

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