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FREE Brother Embroidery Designs each month!

FREE Brother Embroidery Designs each month!

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Grab A FREE Embroidery Design each month from brother!


In this life it's very rare that anything comes for free however, little does anyone really know, brother have been giving out free embroidery designs each month available to download from their website!

Head over to this LINK

When you head on over you'll be greeted with a list like this...


Simply Click Download on any of the designs to get them! Then simply save them to a usb device to easily use them on your own Embroidery machine! 


A lot of these are really nice and expertly digitised, so you may as well make the most of them. They are usually themed after the month they are released, but not always, they can be generic too!


Here's a few of my personal favourites:


These icelolly embroidery patterns are super quite and will be great for any sort of summer project (which is just round the corner now!). They're really clean and crisp patterns which are nicely stylized.



With Fathers day just round the corner too, these are an amazing set of little motifs that will help you personalize any gift for fathers day! (Or even just a birthday) I just think that these are so nice, and free too!



Finally, this nice little F1 car! Quite detailed for the size, and perfect for customizing childrens clothing or school accessories!


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  • Just got a new embroidery machine and want some different designs

    - Karen lockhart

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