Great British Sewing Bee - Series 10 - Everything you need to know!

Great British Sewing Bee - Series 10 - Everything you need to know!


-- !Possible episode 1 spoilers! -- Watch the first episode before reading!

As the fabric unfurls and the sewing machines hum to life, the beloved BBC show, The Great British Sewing Bee, returns for its tenth season. This annual celebration of creativity and craftsmanship has stitched its way into the hearts of viewers, and this season promises to be one of the best yet. Whether you're a sewing enthusiast or a casual viewer, here's everything you need to know about the latest instalment of this delightful competition.

What to Expect in Season 10

Fresh Faces and Talented Contestants: This season introduces a new batch of contestants from diverse backgrounds, each bringing their unique style and perspective to the competition.

Here's a list of all the sewers, where they are from and their current profession, so that you are up to speed!


Place of Residence Background
Ailsa Lyall


Freelance Events Planner




Comfort Smithson


Self-Employed Designer and Business Manager



Retired Research Physicist

Georgie Carter

Isle of Wight

Club & Festival DJ

Janet Walton



Lauren Haynes


Finance Administrator



Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion Director

Marcus Holley


Teaching Assistant & Arts Award Coordinator

Neil Donoghue


Woodwork Instructor




Suzy Sankey

Liverpool Waitress



Challenging Themes and Tasks: Expect to see intricate patterns, bold designs, and unexpected twists that will test their versatility and problem-solving abilities.

In the first episode, we see the sewers take on the pattern challenge of an A-line denim skirt (a call-back to season 1) , to mixed results. What was not mixed in the results, however, was the fact that not a single sewer was able to finish within the allotted time!

Our second challenge, was the transformation challenge. (we hope they can all finish in time with this one!) Our sewers were challenged to take a basic jersey t-shirt and make anything from it, within a 90 minute timeframe. A simple task in theory, but how did the sewer fare?

One of the emphasis of this challenge was on silhouette, which some sewers grasped and were very creative. The stand out for me being Comfort's design with an interesting front design and a risky (and not too well executed) back, but 10/10 points for creativity.

One thing you must try to consider when watching, is that it is more about design and construction, rather than fabric, as for me this would have been a big miss if judging on aesthetics that alone.

Finally came the made to measure challenge.

In this challenge, they judges requested a day dress. It could be any style, loose or fitted, but could not contain lavish fabrics.

Quite the open brief! some of the sewers really excelled in this task; None more than Luke however (in my opinion)!

I thought that Luke's creation was very stylish and really well constructed. It would not be amiss walking along a sunny day in central London. Many would probably agree, that if adorned in this, you would look very stylish and effortless!

The judges sadly did not share the same sentiment as me, handing the win of the week over to Suzy (It is very well deserved, however)!

Suzy's monochromatic dress was very striking, but for my taste It seemed a little to simple. It does have a great pleating, great design and is well constructed, so I can't argue with the decision too much!

Sadly, this week we did lose a contestant, as you would come to expect from these challenge shows. Not everyone can stay in for the long run, and this week we lost Neil. It is always bittersweet to be eliminated first. You never know—they could have just had an off week—but ultimately, one must leave each week, and it was his time.

What sewing machine are they using?

Now comes our expertise! The sewers this year are rocking the Janome 5060QDC sewing machine!

Check out the specs here and get your own!

This is a really versatile and feature packed machine from Janome! To find out more about it, I would check out our product page or take a look at our video on it below!



  • I also miss the show. I still don’t understand why we can’t watch it.

    - Sheila Grap
  • I really wish I could watch it here in the States!

    - Lorrie Hutson

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