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Huge Juki Roll-out

Huge Juki Roll-out

Today we have a big shipment of Juki's on their way out to a great customer!


The Juki pictured is the newest Juki Simply Smart DDL-8000A series of machine, which is an amazing value and high productivity machine! 

This model comes with Juki's voice feature, which gives you voice indications for things such oil levels as well as some more specific productivity based voice callouts!

The series comes with two models in it, one which is a semi dry for medium weight fabrics and one that is a standard model for heavier weight fabrics, in which the needle bar and thread take-ups are lubricated also for an emphasis in durability.

We have both on sale right now and are available for you to purchase. If you have any further questions about the machine, feel free to have a look at the product page or even give us a call and one of our experts will be able to give you some more information!

{product 1413|picture|link} 


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