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Innov-is A series - What is the difference?

Innov-is A series - What is the difference?

Innov-is A series

What is the difference?

Today we're trying something new on Youtube! We're taking a look at the entire Innov-is A series from brother and seeing what each tier upgrade has to offer! Rachel, as an ex-brother rep has a really great knowledge of the range and will take you through it step by step!

 The range is quite large, and many people can end up wondering what it is that you get extra for your money, so in the video (and below) we will give you the key differences between each model!

To start off with, the most basic information and most important thing to realise is that the number in the name of the machine represents how many stitches come built-in on the machine! Simple, right? A16; that's 16 built in (stitches for example).

Here's a breakdown

All models

One-step needle threader!

Quick set bobbin

Lockstitch Button

Drop Feed setting

Support App



16 Built-in stitches

Basic utility stitches mainly

3 One-step buttonholes


50 Built-in stitches

Twin needle button


60 Built-in stitches

Hard cover

Some more decorative stitches included

Additional buttonhole styles


80 Built-in stitches

Hard cover

Even more decorative stitches
(Cars, bikes, bumble bees ect.)


150 Built-in stitches

Hard cover

Keypad + Computerised menu

3 Styles of font

Create custom combinations and save them



Model No. Stitches Twin Needle Button Hard Cover Font Keypad + Menus
A16 16 Built-in        
A50 50 Built-in      
A60 60 Built-in    
A80 80 Built-in    
A150 150 Built-in

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