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Innovis A16 - One-Step Buttonhole Demo

Innovis A16 - One-Step Buttonhole Demo

Innovis A16

The A16 is an amazing machine for keeping things simple when you're sewing, from the easy needle threader to the quick set drop in bobbin and speed slide control it can help any aspiring sewer off the ground!

One of the most impressive features in our opinion is the one-step buttonhole feature, which will let you fly through a shirts buttonholes within minutes, making a stressful task hassle-free!

To produce the 1 step buttonhole simply put the button into the foot which is included with the machine, attached the foot pull the lever down and press the stop start button. The machine then takes over you do not need to even be in the room. The foot will then using the button stitch out the exact size you need. Saving you tones of time, more time to get creative. 

We've created a great and quick demo video of the buttonhole feature for you to follow along with or just if you're interested in the machine!

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The Brother Innovis A16  

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Pin dish seen in the video! 


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