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Janome Continental M17 - First Impressions

Janome Continental M17 - First Impressions

Janome Continental M17


With the release of the Janome Continental M17 just around the corner, I thought that we would have a quick rundown of what is included as well as all of the great features on offer!

I have just spent the past couple of days hands on with the machine up at Janome's training center and there is definitely a lot going on with this combination machine, as it boasts premium features in embroidery, quilting as well as sewing!


Here's just a quick overview of each functions main features:

 Hi-Definition Embroidery 

Hi-Definition Quilting

Hi-Definition Sewing

Largest embroidery area 280 x 460mm  (11" x 18.1") 

 AcuStitch Regulator (ASR) Compatible with rulers 

 Slim machine head

Fastest embroidery speed up to 1,200spm

 AcuFeed Flex Fabric feeding System  Bright, shadowless lights
1,230 Built in designs

 Largest Workspace 343 x 140mm (13.5" x 5.5")

Powerful Motor up to 1,300spm

Industrial-strength embroidery  

Needle bar thumbwheel for precise needle movement



In terms of embroidery this machine really has a lot to offer and was really fun to play around with.

Starting at the beginning, the hooping up couldn't be made any easier with it's Carbon Fiber infused plastic hoops (that are 10x stronger than metal) that have a easy-to-hoop lever system! This really does make snapping your fabric into place a very quick process! The four included hoops range from 100 - 100mm up to a massive 280 - 460mm which is the largest available on any machine of this type (and it is very large). There's no need to flip the hoop around mid sew out at all, despite its size, which is the case on some other brands larger hoops. Oh, did I also mention that each frame also comes with magnets to help keep the fabric in place!

The machine comes with a huge library of 1,230 built in designs that range anything from animals, quilting patterns to even applique designs. These built in designs have a large amount of customisability when combined with the Embroidery Link app you'll be able to edit the designs in a simple but powerful way. You can remove parts, change colours of individual pieces and many more things I'm sure (I haven't spend a lot of time with the app yet!).


(Stitching out a built in design on the 280 x 460mm hoop)




Quilting was a massive highlight when it came to this machine, there's a massive change coming...

I'm not much of a quilter myself, but I have in the past used a few Bernina machines that have the BSR (Bernina Stitch Regulator), notably the Bernina Q16 quilting machine, and have had a lot of fun with it as it allows you to stay in control even as a beginner. The speed of the needle would adjust as you move the fabric so that the stitches stay a consistent length. Well get this...

The Janome Continental M17 introduces the brand new...

AcuStitch Regulator (ASR)


This really is a game changer. It's very fluid to use and works in a very similar way to the previously mentions BSR. The machine adjusts stitch speed as you move the fabric to ensure that each stitch remains a consistent length, and it does so beautifully! I had an absolute blast playing with this thing despite being very new to free motion!

Here's a little video of that!



The Machine also comes with a quilting frame (AcuFil hoop) for the embroidery mode, if you'd rather let the machine do all of the hard work for you! This frame is great as it allows you to add much thicker fabrics than a normal frame may allow and it's achieves entirely through the use of magnets that you place around the perimeter of the hoop, so it's super easy!



By this point in time, I think you know what I'm probably going to say... They Have not skimped on any of the sewing features either!

Let me just list some:

Automatic Thread cutter

Automatic Built-In Needle Threader

Automatic Presser Foot Pressure

Auto Presse Foot Lift

850 Built In stitches

9mm Zigzag

Thumb wheel

Retractable Spool Pins

One Touch Needle Plate Converter

Telescopic Thread Guides

Lock Stitch Button

91 Needle Positions

Floating Mode

Massive Storage Compartments

Much more...


Let me just explain a couple of the more unusual features on this list... As some are literally never before seen!

Thumb wheel...

The Thumb Wheel is something that I have never seen before personally, it's just on the right side of the head and it's a little soft touch wheel that allows you to move the needle up and down as you would with the handwheel but without having to move your hand away from the workspace! This is one of those things that you probably wouldn't be able to live without once you've used it!



Floating mode.. What's That?

So in floating mode, the M17 will not extend full pressure to the presser foot while feeding fabric. What this basically means is that your delicate fabrics such as velvet and suede are not crushed at all by the foot when sewing, as the foot is just gliding over the top! Pretty handy. 



I really hope that you've enjoyed reading my initial thoughts on the Janome Continental M17 and I can't wait to be able to say that we have it available! It will not be long!


If you have any enquiries or questions at all, feel free to call us!

0208 692 1077



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