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New Video - Babylock Victory Threading, Demo and Unboxing

New Video - Babylock Victory Threading, Demo and Unboxing



We are now proud stockists of Babylock!



Babylock is a brand that we have always had our eye on, but never really had an opportunity to get hands on (on our youtube channel), and so the second we saw that we had Babylock machines in stock we grabbed a camera and thought we would film a reaction and review style of video! It has actually ended up being our longest video to date, as there is so much to cover and the machine tore through everything we threw at it pretty easily... So we just kept going!

There are a lot of great features to this machine, but I would say that it's crowning achievement would just have to be its stich quality, to be honest. Out of the box with just the recommended settings, and a quite difficult fabric to boot, we managed to pull off some really neat stitches - first try! 


Stitch Chart



The Jet Air threading system is an amazing feature too! Allowing you to thread the loopers in no time at all with no electrical parts! It's is all done with the swift push of a leaver that seems to be connected to an air bladder that provides the air to move the thread through the impressive tubing system! Quite impressive. 


Here's Just a little list of some of the features available on the machine! If you want to see any more of our first impressions, you'll have to go over you the Youtube video and take a look!



Number of needles 1-2
Number of threads 2/3/4
Stitches per minute 1500
Stitch length 0,75 - 4 mm
Overedge width 2 - 9 mm
Differential feed x
Needle threader x
ATD – automatic thread delivery x
Jet-Air Threading™ x
LED lamp x
Tension release when presser foot is raised x
4-thread overlock x
3-thread overlock x
3-thread flatlock x
3-thread rolled hem x
3-thread rolled seam x
2-thread overlock x
2-thread flatlock x
2-thread rolled hem x
2-thread rolled seam x
2-thread picot stitch x


If you're interested in getting your own Babylock Machine then check out our range HERE


If you have any other questions feel free to give us a call! 0208 692 1077

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