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New Video - Pfaff Creative Icon 2 - Embellishment Attachment Tutorial

New Video - Pfaff Creative Icon 2 - Embellishment Attachment Tutorial

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Creative Icon 2 - Embellishment Attachment Tutorial


Rachel had a good look at the brand new embellishment attachment on the new Pfaff Icon 2 today!


Quite frankly there's nothing quite like it on the market, even when compared to the old embellishment attachment (for the Icon 1, that would attach ribbon) there's a night and day difference! The setup required for the old attachment was quite fiddley and involved you running your ribbon around the circumference of the gadget, which anyone who has used it before will be able to tell you was it's self a bit of a 'Pfaff' (excuse the pun). This iteration has, in almost every way, improved on the old formular! Easier setup and also a lot quieter too!

The results really speak for themselves, as you have to input almost no effort at all (given that you have the digitised pattern, a few of which are included in the free my sew net 90 day trial that comes with your Icon 2), they are quite amazing! doing what this can achieve by hand would take you days! 

Really hope that you enjoy this first look video with Rachel as much as we enjoyed exploring the machine and getting to play with it ourselves!

As usual, we have the machine available on our site! Click the image below!

 {product 1426|picture|link}

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