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Overlockers: Do I really need one?

Overlockers: Do I really need one?

Overlockers: Do I really need one?


My customers are always asking what are the benefits of an overlocker and "Do I really need one?". The answer; Yes, an overlocker will be your new best friend! Once you use an overlocker you will never look back.

An overlocker will literally cut the time in half and you’ll be whizzing through all your projects. Reasons for this are overlockers are faster than your regular sewing machine. It will also cut the fabric with the built-in blades – and then complete an overcasting stitch along the edge of the fabric in one smooth operation. The stitch produced on an overlocker cannot be beaten and will truly make your garments look not only professionally sewn but do not fray; they stay flat, and the fabric edges remain firmly bound, even after washing.


Unlike a sewing machine, overlockers can handle up to five threads simultaneously. But do not be put off by the amount of threads and the threading up, as we offer free of charge lessons when you buy an overlocker from us and we supply and specialise in all leading brands. A lot of my customers are also relieved when I explain to them you can simply tie the ends of the new thread onto the already threaded yarns directly above the thread holder and pull them through, which is what the pros do!


The threads are interlaced with each other to create highly elastic seams, which is necessary when sewing knitted fabrics, jersey and all types of elastic fabrics.



The best overlocker on the market today in my opinion is the Bernina L850


The Bernina L850 overlocker is a no-compromises overlocker machine with every feature that you could possibly want from a top of the range overlocker machine. It boasts an amazing 1500 Stitches per minute and throughout this it will still maintain that amazing stitch quality that you'd expect from a bernina machine.

We had Rachel, one of our machine experts unbox and review this machine a while back, here's that video if you missed it!




L850 Feature Breakdown

Total number of stitches 18
One-step BERNINA Air Threader (for looper threads)
BERNINA Free Hand System (FHS) with knee lifter
Easy to engage and disengage the knife from outside
Swing-out presser foot with auto swing back
Built-in needle threader
Automatic needle stop up
Micro Thread Control (mtc)
3– 9 mm overlock seam width
Sewing speed, stitches per minute 400-1500



For Beginners

For beginners this may be too much to invest off the bat and you may wonder what your best entry level option might be.

In my opinion my favorite machine to recommend would be the Brother 2104D overlocker!

The brother 2104d has a lot of great features at its price point. It has a mean rolled hem as well as lay-in tension, which is a godsend for people who are new to threading up an overlocker. It is all colour coded and has very concise arrows and instruction on how to thread the machine, right on the front cover.

A great beginner machine with a lot of beginner friendly features.

Again, Rachel unboxed this machine a while ago, and here is her video detailing how to thread it up too!




2104D Key Features


• 3 or 4 thread overlocker

• Easy to follow lay-in threading

• Fast and Simple Lower Looper threading system

• Differential feed offers perfect seams on virtually any fabric type, eliminates the wavy or stretched appearance of stitches on fabrics

• Instant rolled hem

• Bright LED sewing light

• Stitch width 5.0 - 7.0 mm



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