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Rachel Tries To Use Vintage Singer 66K

Rachel Tries To Use Vintage Singer 66K

New Video!


We did something brand new today!

Ever wondered if a modern sewing expert could use a retro hand cranked machine? Same! So we put it to the test!

Rachel was blindfolded and then the Singer 66k machine was placed in front of her; We wanted to see if she could use it with no prior knowledge! 


Singer 66k Original Sewing Machine

Singer 66 Background

The Singer 66K would have been classed as a fairly heavy duty domestic machine for the early 20th century. The model we are using is a hand crank however, due to the machine being produced between 1907 and 1939, there are also models of the same machine with treadle operation as well as even electric motor versions!

This machine comes with some great features (even ones that we have come accustomed to today) such as a bobbin winder and stitch length adjustment (with a screw mechanism on the right)! This would be the machine that would see the introduction of the horizontal oscillating hook which allowed for a drop in bobbin style of machine and is a system that is still used in sewing machines to this day (whether it be oscillating or rotary)! There is no reverse feed or possibility of lowering feed dogs on this old machine as there is simply no space to lower the feed dogs; The hook is directly below.

The 66 style bobbin is something you may also be familiar with, as it is also the basis of a lot of modern bobbins also! There is no bobbin case, so you drop in the bobbin into the cradle, pass the thread through the notch and under the tension spring and it's good to go.


Such an amazing piece of sewing history and is great to see that a lot of skills are transferable from modern day to this machine, as it was the basis for a lot of modern sewing!!


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