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Texi - Tronic 1 Neo

Texi - Tronic 1 Neo

Introducing the brand new Texi Tronic 1 NEO Industrial Lockstitch!

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This new industrial sewing machine complete on unit stand with an eco-direct drive energy saving motor is perfect for light and medium materials. It also includes an energy-saving AC Servo motor, control box, and power switch integrated into the machine head. Thanks to the integration of all these elements, the machine is able to work quietly without adverse vibrations.  The AC Servo motor saves up to 70% energy comparing to a conventional electronic motor or clutch motor.  In addition to this, a vortex fan is included, which sucks the external air and ensures more efficient cooling.


This machine comes with a range of amazing features including:

- sewing light and medium fabrics
- bottom feed
- voltage 230-240V
- built-in energy-saving AC Servo 550 W motor
- 70% energy-saving
- quiet work, minimized vibrations
- automatic needle positioning
- energy-saving LED lamp for lighting of working field
- maximum sewing speed 5 000 s.p.m
- stitch length up to 5 mm
- foot lifting up to 13 mm
- central lubrication system
- needles system 135x5 or 135x5 SERV7, with correct needle points, depending on the fabric


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